Slots bonus

Slots bonus

The bonus round is created to allow the player to get some additional benefits from the game. Nowadays there are slots where the bonus appears after collecting a certain number of items (gold, keys, etc.) or can be exchanged for a fixed amount. No big surprise, bonus rounds are in the center of the attention of users. 

The bonus is usually triggered when the selected symbols appear on the reels. The player can check the exact timing. The symbols must appear on the specified reels in a certain sequence. Each provider has an aim to make bonuses in their games original to attract more players. 

Free spins. These are one of the players' favorite bonus rounds. Here you need to catch a certain number of bonus symbols and receive a pool of free spins. All your winnings will go to the casino balance.

The wheel of fortune is also a great type of bonus. In one spin must be collected a certain number of scatterers. Depending on the ingenuity of the game manufacturer you can get unique prices.

Click Me is also a type of popular bonus. The user gets three pictures with bonuses of different values.

Arcade-style bonuses are the most story-advanced bonus type. It is usually based on the theme of the slot online machine. Here the player must complete earning the coveted cash prize.

The game appears in many slot machines as an option that allows you to double or triple your winnings. It is triggered by the player's request after winning a spin before receiving a prize.

Best Estonian Online Casinos with Bonus Slots

Most users are always on the lookout for fun and exciting slot machines with bonus rounds. Fortunately, a significant part of modern slots casinos have such features. 

Read this article if you are inspired and want to play free slots of online games with bonuses. Five such slots are listed here.

  1. Black Gold. Every time you guess the right number in this slot, you get free credits. At the bottom of the screen is situated your success rate. 
  2. Mamma Mia. There is a "food-critic bonus round" where you need to choose the dish, approved in the review by the critic, and get credits for that. 
  3. After Night Falls. There are several bonus rounds. Help the detective and toss a coin in the slots casino.
  4. 2.2 Million B.C. You are a caveman, who must steal this gem. Choose one of the options: sneak, attack, and entertain, and enjoy the game.
  5. Boomanji. is a game with a lot of chances to win and one great bonus feature.  

How to choose proper online slot:

  • manufacturer (slot games of different companies differ significantly from each other);
  • bet size (it is necessary to choose slots with a wide bet range);
  • the number of active lines (the more lines in the game, the larger the winning amount);
  • jackpot variant (the biggest prizes are played in progressive jackpot slots).

For beginners, we recommend starting with classic models. The machines are characterized by a minimum number of working lines, the absence of additional options and large multipliers. After each paid combination, the gamer will be able to take part in the doubling game. The best option for professionals with experience will be online slots of real money with bonuses and a progressive jackpot.

What Are Bonus Games?

There is no single recipe for receiving bonuses. Slot benefits are randomly generated, and the player cannot influence the number or frequency of receiving bonuses. Some bonuses give players the illusion that their decision is critical, but it’s not so. Do not worry about it.

The algorithm of the machine is relentless. The size of the winnings is fixed without the participation of the player, usually before the start of the bonus round. Therefore, you should not use any strategies, with a high frequency of the chosen strategy, you can notice its groundlessness and slots for money.

The most popular bonus round on slots today is free spins. You are playing a regular game and suddenly at least three Scatter symbols appear - the board usually changes and you get free spins. Sometimes you have a choice - fewer spins with higher wins or more with lower ones. The number of free spins in a bonus game depends on the type of game, usually, it ranges from 5 to 100 spins.

Each slot machine is based on a random number generator. This means that, theoretically, no one should influence the outcome of the game - everything is decided by chance. However, if this were the case, no casino could exist without even knowing the estimated income from games. This is where the RTP indicator comes to the rescue. 


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