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Live casinos in Estonia

Live casinos in Estonia are some of the best casinos in Estonia that guarantee the most interesting games, special bonuses, and fast payouts of real money.

Any casino in our list has special conditions and offers for its players. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to find a casino that is paying out and has a license nowadays. 

Many may offer unrealistic bonuses and guaranteed winnings on any games, but in fact, this may not be the case at all. 

That's why, with this in mind, our experts have checked each of the casinos as players to make sure they are reliable and guaranteed to pay out real money. 

Each casino is licensed, which confirms the quality of the live casino online and its guaranteed payouts for each of the players. Moreover, they have interesting games for all tastes, as well as gambling games with live dealers, which are great for fans of real casinos.

Live Dealer Games Vs. Regular Online Casino Games

Such a game is broadcast in real-time from a special studio. It is possible to connect to it at any time. It is possible to communicate with the host via chat. For this, all you need is a stable Internet and a headset for voice communication. An interpreter or knowledge of the language is not required.

It is better to play from a computer, but live casino versions for smartphones are available. There are several reasons why such entertainment is liked by visitors to online gambling sites:

  • Round-the-clock access to the game from anywhere in the world;
  • No dress code or even having to leave the house;
  • Interaction with a professional host and experienced opponents;
  • Rivalry with a real person without the intervention of software or a random number generator;
  • You can start with a minimum bet.

However, the slots are still popular among fans of the gaming industry. Such online games have their advantages, for example:

  • Speed of play. You can scroll through uninteresting moments like spinning the reel faster; 
  • Playing without queues. It is possible to play at any time of the day and not wait for a set table; 
  • Variety of games. Choose any game for any taste and wishes, where there are different genres and other features. 

In general, it is impossible to say what is better, because each person has his preferences. We can recommend you try both game options, so you can choose the one you like most.

What Are The Most Popular Live Dealer Games?

Every year the number of users wishing to play online and at the same time to feel the atmosphere of a land-based casino increases. This steady trend has motivated many operators to introduce some interesting solutions, such as live dealer games. The following games are the most popular:

  • Roulette

Classic variations of gambling that became popular online have been adapted to remain relevant in the modern virtual ecosystem. Thus, a live version based on this adaptation was developed. 

  • Blackjack

Live blackjack is a hotel-based casino game that's based on one of the most popular casino online games, with live dealers. Similar to other winner live casino games, you can engage in games with a real-life dealer which makes it even more fun.

  • Baccarat

Instead of playing against the computer program in online baccarat, you will see live hands shuffle the card deck and deal the cards. In this case, the live dealer will be on the real site. 

  • Dice

With a live game show host, immersive environments of online live casinos can extend beyond the limits of a brick-and-mortar venue. There are online Craps games in which you can press a button and the dice will roll for you, but in the live format, the dealer will roll for you, making it feel more like a live game. 

How We Rate The Best Live Dealer Casinos

An important element of the normal functioning of the virtual gambling industry, which includes betting shops and online casinos, of course, is relevant information.

An important element of the normal functioning of the virtual gambling industry, which includes online casinos with live dealers, of course, is relevant information. The information is collected based on several factors, with the help of which the activity of gaming portals, their accessibility, the level of service, and the quality of game content are assessed. It is with these factors, as a result of in-depth analysis, the best casinos are determined. In the future, the ratings of casinos with live dealers present in the market today are compiled. 

The work of virtual gaming portals is assessed similarly, resulting in a final assessment of the industry as a whole, and the quality of services of each virtual casino is evaluated. What are the criteria underlying the ratings?

  • Get acquainted with the casino site and its features, logging in as ordinary players;
  • Study the structure, interface, and speed of payments and bonuses;
  • Analyze reviews of real players;
  • Checking the availability of licenses and other permits;
  • Studying the assortment of games.

All the sites that we have selected according to these criteria have excellent performance, and you really should try to play on these sites. You can be sure that you will get your winnings paid, so hurry up and start playing and enjoy!

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