Kingswin Contributes to Evoplay’s Expansion in Estonia

Kingsiwn Evoplay partnership

Evoplay, an iGaming provider, has confirmed its expansion into Estonia following a deal with Kingswin , a prominent casino operator.

Kingswin's playerbase will have access to Evoplay's portfolio of 62 titles, which includes Hot Triple SevensFruit Nova and Elven Princesses.

This is Evoplay's second deal in Estonia, as the company continues to expand its presence in the online gambling country's market, led by Kingswin.

Kingswin has been in business for more than 10 years and has earned the trust of its users.

Kingswin has gotten a lot of attention in the online casino world because of its extensive selection of high-quality online gambling games that provide a user-friendly gaming experience.

Evoplay has gone live with Kingswin after a successful launch and integration.

Kingswin lobby with Evoplay slots
Kingswin lobby with Evoplay slot machines

According to Evoplay’s COO, Vladimir Malakchi, they are delighted to have reached an agreement with another Estonia-based company, allowing them to expand into the country as well as reinforce their European presence. This deal exemplifies the strength and allure of their impressive portfolio, and they look forward to a fruitful relationship with Kingswin.

A Kingswin spokesperson addedthat they are very excited to have acquired Evoplay's vast and exciting portfolio of games; Evoplay’s collection will allow Kingswin to greatly enhance their range of products. They have no doubt that the addition of these games will be well received by their playerbase, providing hours of entertainment.

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